Becoming a GPS Police reseller is a great opportunity. There are three areas to earn revenue. You can sell to your customers the following products and service.

  • PROGPS (GPS tracker)

  • AIRTIME (SIM card & data)

  • HQ (real-time tracking, location history, alerts, etc.)


PROGPS (reseller)




  • DATA PLAN SOLD SEPARATELY (device uses ~10MB per month)



*PROGPS is manufactured by GPS Police Inc.


AIRTIME (SIM card & data)


When it comes to Airtime (SIM cards and data)–required services for PROGPS operation–you have options to provide to your customers:

  • INCLUDE AIRTIME : You include Airtime with the sale and ongoing operation of PROGPS in a customer account. An excellent provider of SIM cards and data plans is

  • BRING-YOUR-OWN-SIM: You do not include Airtime. Meaning, your customer will supply their own SIM card and data package. Many larger companies can acquire SIM and Data services from the company already offering their voice and cellular solutions (eg. Telus corporate account).




HQ provides an opportunity for residual revenue for resellers from the Vehicle History feature. HQ can save vehicle activity for later viewing by the customer. Some customers, for liability reasons, need to keep their vehicle history for months or years. The more history the customer wants to save (45 days, 1 year, 3 years) the greater the cost. The customer will pay for this feature directly to the reseller. The reseller thereby buys this service from GPS Police at a wholesale price.

Customer retail cost for Vehicle History (paid to the reseller)

  • Real-time only = $0/month/vehicle

  • 45 days = $5/month/vehicle

  • 1 year = $10/month/vehicle

  • 3 years = $15/month/vehicle

Reseller wholesale cost for Vehicle History (paid to GPS Police Inc.)

  • Real-time only = $0/month/vehicle

  • 45 days = $3.50/month/vehicle

  • 1 year = $7.50/month/vehicle

  • 3 years = $11.25/month/vehicle

For example, if a customer with 25 vehicles wants to keep the Vehicle History for 45 days on his entire fleet, his cost would be $125/month–paid directly to the reseller. However, the reseller’s wholesale cost on this would be $75/month–paid to GPS Police Inc. Therefore, the residual profit from Vehicle History in this case would be $50/month.

Vehicle History is a pure software feature which all GPS hardware devices are capable of. The reseller does not require any computer equipment or specialized services to offer this feature. Vehicle History is facilitated entirely by GPS Police and customers control on an account basis how my Vehicle History is desired.



Customers pay for the services in advance (prepaid) through an Account Balance method. Customers will “charge up” their account with a balance, for example: $500. As vehicles (devices) are active, a calculated daily cost will be deducted from the Account Balance.

To understand clearly how this works, we have to establish some example prices (reseller variables).

  • AIRTIME (SIM & DATA provided by the reseller in this case) = $30/month

  • HQ (45 day vehicle history) = $5/month

So, with that example pricing, the customer monthly cost for 1 device is $35. The daily cost is the monthly cost divided by the number of days in the given month. eg. September has 30 days in it… so the daily cost (in September) works out to $1.17 (35÷30).

Now, every day that the vehicle is used (engine activity, movement, etc.), the daily cost will be deducted from the account balance just after midnight (the start of the day following the activity).


Let’s show a day-by-day example of what a customer would see–money-wise–for their account.

  1. Starting Account Balance = $0

    • charge up account balance with $500

  2. Account Balance (Saturday morning) = $500

    • 1 vehicle is active during the day (Saturday)

    • at midnight the account balance is deducted $1.17 so the new account balance is $498.83

  3. Account Balance (Sunday morning) = $498.83

    • 3 vehicles are active during the day (Sunday)

    • at midnight the account balance is deducted $3.51 (3 vehicles times $1.17) so the new account balance is $495.32

  4. Account Balance (Monday morning) = $495.32

    • 23 vehicles are active during the day (Monday)

    • at midnight the account balance is deducted $26.91 (23 vehicles times $1.17) so the new account balance is $468.41

When the Account Balance reaches $0, the services will stop and devices will be turned off and essentially stop working. However, an Automatic Account Balance Recharge can be set at any price. eg. A recharge of $500 can be set to automatically occur when the balance goes below $100. Additionally, a notification can be sent when the balance drops below an amount defined by the customer–eg. $50… or if the attempted automatic account balance recharge fails (credit card declined).



A GPS Police Reseller costs are:

  • PROGPS (hardware) – One-time payments – Paid to GPS Police Inc.

  • HQ (vehicle history–if any) – Account Balance – Paid to GPS Police Inc.

    • Real-time only = $0/month/vehicle

    • 45 days = $3.5/month/vehicle

    • 1 year = $7.50/month/vehicle

    • 3 years = $11.25/month/vehicle

  • SIM and DATA (if the customer buys from the reseller)

    • SIM cards – Paid to a SIM card provider

    • DATA – Paid to a SIM card provider

Vehicle History billing, for the reseller, will work much like how the customer pays for the service. A reseller will maintain a positive account balance with GPS Police. Each day that a vehicle operates, the vehicle history (wholesale price) cost will be deducted from the reseller account balance.