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We realize there are a ton of options out there for tracking and monitoring your fleet. Some providers are great and some are not. Maybe Fleetmatics is a better solution for you than we are. We're not assuming that XOOM GPS Tracking is the perfect fit for you but we'd love to learn a little more about you and your company to see if maybe we are. We have thousands of businesses happily using our service because we make sure that you and XOOM are a great match at a great price.

XOOM GPS Tracking Fleetmatics
1, 2 or 3 service contract None 3 years
Lifetime warranty Free $95
Real-time network coverage area Canada + USA Canada OR USA
GPS Tracker cost $425 $0
Monthly service cost $0 $30
Total operational cost for 3 years (per vehicle) $425 $1,080 (2.53x more expensive)
Monthly service cost after 3 years $12/month $30/month

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